Marketing For Your Business

Marketing is a huge deal for the small business. Yet many small businesses leave little if any dollars in the budget for it. Many businesses do this because they just don’t really understand what marketing entails or how important is.There are several types of marketing–one of the most effective of course is word of mouth marketing. But there are other kinds of marketing as well.

And when should you outsource marketing as a business owner? And is it even a good idea to outsource your marketing? This article by Corey Eridon will help you understand when you should and shouldn’t outsource your marketing.


Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is a powerful form of marketing. You wouldn’t be a successful entrepreneur without it. If you are in a business networking group (which we hope you are) you wouldn’t be there if you thought referrals did not work. But often times small businesses just don’t get it. They understand some but not all there is to word of mouth advertising and how to control the message.

Marketing educator, speaker and guru, Jay Ehret get this and that’s why he works hard to educate small businesses in the ways of marketing. Jay operates The Marketing Spot -with it’s goal to help turn entrepreneurs into marketers.

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