Online Marketing Tools-Which Lead to Substantial Growth?

By Lee W. Frederickson, Ph.D for Duct Tape Marketing

There is a revolution going on in professional services marketing. More and more buyers are going online to learn about possible solutions to their business challenges and find and evaluate potential service providers.

This revolution is already having a major impact on the growth and profitability of professional services firms. My firm recently completed a study of 500 professional services firms and how they used online marketing tools. The results and their implications are described in our new book, Online Marketing for Professional Services.

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Booting Your Financial Fitness

By Steven Harp, Northwestern Mutual

You’re preparing for the future, saving diligently for retirement and following a long-term financial plan. Maybe you even feel ahead of the pack on the journey to financial security. But what if you wanted to speed up your progress or strengthen your position? How can you take your planning to the next level?

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